Yesterday, as I watched a movie (no name movie of the action genre) I remember remembering how I was once involved in a train robbery. I remember climbing up the roof of the train and jumping from coach to coach.
Sometimes, in other situations, I remember vividly other high octane events like the time I was kidnapped or facing two rapists (can these safely be referred to as high octane? Anyhoo…). Or the time I shot an opponent with my double barelled shotgun.
One memory that is almost constant and gives me such immense pleasure is the one where I was painting the Sistine chapel. I also recall the feel of the chisel in my hand as I created the Pieta.
Then there was the time where I was on a mountain and twirling round and round with my arms out stretched, revelling in the mountain air and my freedom.
I love my mind, I mean my life!
I have danced on stage with Patrick Swayze, in a club with John Travolta, had Usher serernade me and married Michael Jackson (the last one really took some doing).
I have fallen with Richard Gere and dressed up in the finest of dresses. I have worn diamonds and pearls, bathed beneath waterfalls and run through a jungle.
I have hunted down lions, skydived and crashed a Cessna.
I could go on and on but the truth still remains that I have done everything! At least most of the things you have watched in a movie or read in a book!